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We are pleased to announce that 2020 is the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko for sale.
The number 60 has a special meaning for a watch.
It turns 60 seconds every minute, and 60 minutes every hour.
In both cases, 60 marks the beginning of a new cycle.

In addition, becoming 60 years old is special in Japanese culture.
There are 10 calendar signs and 12 oriental zodiac symbols, which can be arranged in a total of 60 combinations.
Turning 60 is very special, because it means the 60 combinations have come full circle.

We are delighted to start our new cycle now and will introduce special contents to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

Replica Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Watches

A jewelry masterpiece inspired by the winter mornings in the Shinshu region of central Japan

This model is a platinum cased Spring Drive jewelry watch whose design takes inspiration from the winter mornings in
Shinshu, the area where this and every Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch is made.
Taking inspiration from the tiny ice crystals that shimmer on a cold, clear morning in the Shinshu region, the dial center has a "diamond dust" texture that creates a subtle sparkle and a unique beauty.
Carefully selected and tapered baguette diamonds and blue sapphires surround the dial as minute and hour markers, set over an 18k white gold base. The arrangement of the diamonds and sapphires side by side around the entire dial requires great dexterity; the gems are set between a very thin pair of rails with great precision by the most skilled of the jewelry craftsmen and women at the Shinshu Watch Studio.
The watch is powered by the manual-winding 8-Day Spring Drive Caliber 9R01 made by hand by the elite team of watchmakers at the Micro Artist Studio which has its home in the Shinshu Watch Studio. 
The case is made of Platinum 950 and is finished with a form of Zaratsu polishing that is specially adapted for working with platinum to create the brilliant look that defines Best Grand Seiko Watch.